New Campaign Info

The Easy Way To Create Your New Fundraising Campaign

We know you’re busy. So we’ve made this information page to show you the quick and easy way to start your very own fundraising effort at yallhelp. It’s pretty simple really, we’re sure you’ll have no problems. But if you ever do remember we’re just an email away!

Click the ‘Start Raising Funds!’ button to get started.


This will take you to our login screen. But first-time fundraisers will need to register before logging in. Click the ‘Register’ tab at the bottom. This will change to the quick registration screen.

Enter a unique Username, Password & Email Address. Then click ‘Register’ button.

Be sure to use a valid email address as this is how you’ll add more photos to your campaign, and send us your cryptocurrency wallet address later. This email address will be attached to your account and cannot change.


Upon successful registration the page will refresh to the login screen. Here you’ll enter the credentials you just used to create your account, to log in for the first time.

Step 1. Campaign Intro

Logging in you’ll land on your private Dashboard. At the top left click the ‘New Campaign’ button.

You’ll need to enter a Title, Short Description & Main Description.

Tip: Keep the title to about 20 characters & short description to about 60 characters (spaces count). A page or two for main.

When ready click ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step 2. Add Details

Start by selecting a category for your campaign. You can add tags too if you want (family, pets, etc.). Then upload the main photo (or video) for your cause. Photo aspects like 800×600 work well.

Ignore the Min., Max. & Recommended Amounts and go straight to the Raised Amount. This is your goal amount for your campaign.

Finish with a type, date & message. Click Next.


Step 3. Add Rewards

Go ahead and skip this step as it’s another feature planned for future use. Leave unchecked and click Next when ready to move on to the final step.


Step 4. Submit Campaign for Review

And finally! Here you’ll add your state and region, feel free to use East, West, South, etc. instead of city if you wish.

Probably want to leave the three check boxes unchecked. Then click the button when ready. And that’s it, you’re done! Woohoo!



We ask you give us 24 to 48 hours to get things setup properly. So check back tomorrow, and check your email too, just in case. Thanks for  choosing yallhelp! We are very happy to help!