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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YallHelp?
Yallhelp is a simplified classified ads platform meant to streamline the connecting of people, businesses and customers locally. YallHelp aims to enable better solution finding & commerce at very low costs, even free.

Is YallHelp a global portal?
No. We are a Southeastern USA based group devoted to this region. Our focus is on local commerce throughout the Southeast area. And we’re starting off at home – the Carolinas.

Can anyone join YallHelp?
Yes, anyone in the Southeast region can join. But to post a listing one must be at least 18 years of age.

Is this service free or paid?
Both. We have free For Sale postings and paid ads in the Employment, Real Estate, Services & Super For Sale categories.

What is the duration of a paid listing?
All listings, both free and paid, are for 60 days. Feedback has convinced us that the two month period keeps things simple and productive, and that’s our goal.

Can members upload photos of their items, shop, etc?
Absolutely! All members (even if it’s a free ad) can upload images. At this time all ads are allowed to include up to three images.

What image specs does Yallhelp recommend?
We ask members to use JPG images of 500KB in size or lower. Images of 800×500 work best. That’s 800 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall. These fit perfectly!

Can members attach video to their listing?
Yes, all plans allows one video. When completing our Submit Ad form simply paste the URL into the form field. Presently we’re supporting Youtube, Vimeo and Vevo videos.

What happens at the end of the 60 day duration for a listing?
The ad is removed. But if your ad is still needed simply log back into your account and create anew. Also, should you wish to end your ad before the 60 days (sold) you can in your account dashboard.

What is the major difference between the Free Plan & Premium Plans?
Both ad types are equally searchable within our system and work exactly the same in results. But paid ads can also be randomly displayed in our spotlights on all relevant pages.

Do you have other options for even greater visibility?
Yes, we recently added a bump ads feature. In your account dashboard you’ll see all your ads, and your active ads have a Bump Ad button below each. So for a small fee you can bump your ad back to the top of the list. This can be helpful in popular categories. We also offer banner, static ads on some pages. For these please inquire.

Can I get my For Sale ad featured on The Billboard & The Spotlight?
Yes, but it would need to be a paid ad. To do this simply choose the Super For Sale category when creating your ad. The cost for this is $39 and lasts for 60 days. This specialty ad is also listed and searchable like all others, so be sure to include several keywords in your ad. But just a reminder, standard For Sale ads are free. We include this option for those wanting more exposure. You can also upgrade to Super For Sale anytime! We also add regular ads to the Spotlights from time to time, randomly.

Is your billing recurring?
No. Presently we don’t offer subscriptions or package plans (but we might if enough interest). All purchases are individual, per post. Your ad is listed for sixty days and then it expires. No further charges are incurred unless you purchase a new premium ad. So if you want to run your ad again simply log back in and buy. We like to keep things simple!

Can a visitor send a message to a listing owner about their ad?
Yes, look for the messaging block on each listing. To send the owner a question simply fill it out and hit send.

Can users of the site upload a profile pic?
Yes. We recommend a 200×200 sized image.

Do you have support in case anything goes wrong or I have any problems?
Absolutely. We’re here for any issues that might arise. We strive for prompt service and a delightful experience. Send an email to and we’ll get back ASAP!

I’m not getting emails from yallhelp, what’s up?
We are currently having issues with aol & yahoo email accounts. As we work to solve please use another email address if possible. But rest assured everything is available in your account here, readily available at login.

Who is Klondyke Media?
Klondyke Media is us, our parent company (named for the Klondyke Strawberry). Learn more on our About Us page. We’re the same people just two different names.